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What is MoB Life?

MoB Life is so many things…

I’ve learned over the years that wellness or the sense of well being is utilizing certain lifestyle techniques. It’s observing the simple things in life; the basic elements, grounding yourself with gratitude, slowing down and practicing mindfulness.

I’m not selling any packaged lifestyles however sharing what I’ve found that works and endorsing brands and products that are inline with MoB Life’s Vision. 

I have dealt with anxiety and depression since the age of 17 and have found what truly keeps me balanced. Every path is different but there is one main premiss… 

Everyone seems to be searching for the meaning of life. It’s really simple… to be happy- truly happy. Not happy by the way of others or materials; an inner happiness and appreciation for life.

Creator of MoB Life: Mo Bakk

  Hi, I’m Mo Bakk from Kenosha Wisconsin. Born, Raised and Residing! I love this area; perfectly situated on the 3rd largest lake in the world and sandwiched between the Great American cities of Milwaukee and Chicago.

  I decided to start MoB Life because we are in desperate need for community, localism and KINDNESS! I love to bring together and lift people up. You never know what someone is going through. Being patient and responding with LOVE is essential now more than ever.

  I’m a jack of all trades; Entrepreneur, Cannabis Advocate, Cosmetologist, Percussionist, Mixologist, Wife, Garden Chef and Creator of MoB Life. I give up most thanks to the Lord for all of my blessings…especially cannabis!

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